Basic information

Population: 21,291 inhabitants (on 31st December 2018)
Area: 74.27 km2
Location: approximately 49° north latitude and 15° east longitude
Altitude: 478 m above sea level
Capital of the largest county of the Czech Republic with area: 1944 km2
Watercourses: Nežárka river and Hamerský creek
Area of the recreational pond Vajgar: 49 ha
Cultural and historical sights in the city: State Castle and Chateau, Museum of Jindřichohradecko, Provost Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene, Exhibition House Stará radnice (Old City Hall), Church of Saint John the Baptist and Minorite Monastery, Church of The Holy Trinity, Church of Saint Catherine, Church of Saint James with the Czernin tomb, Church of Saint Wenceslas, City conservation area, townsmen's houses at the main square.
Another buildings in the city: Airport; Jan Marek Winter Stadium; Tyrš Stadium; football fields, tennis and volleyball courts; indoor swimming pool; lido.
Narrow gauge railway system: Track from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice is 33 km long, from Jindřichův Hradec to Obrataň is 46 km long.
Suburban districts: Buk, Děbolín, Dolní Radouň, Dolní Skrýchov, Horní Žďár, Matná, Otín, Políkno, Radouňka

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